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To start off, we sell organic, fair-trade Tees and Tote Bags featuring our resident artist Rachel Slingshot Astronaut’s cool ‘People Before Profit’ design.

Go visit the shop now!

Coronavirus Precautions on Hum Community site Thu, 05 Mar 2020 02:15:46 +0000 We have, since the 6th February, had set protocol on site to help minimise the potential spread of the Coronavirus.  We would like to continue community interaction as much as possible while we weather the storm.  However, the Hum house is also a home in which we desire to protect the family members who reside on site and play our part.  As such, we have in place the following;

Before entering the villa;

  • hands are to be washed with provided dettol solution before entering – this is a solution of dettol with eucalyptus and tea tree oil mixed in

Unfortunately you will not be able to enter the Hum house if you meet any of the following criteria;

  • showing any sign of sickness including; fever, cough, chronic fatigue, headache, runny nose, sore throat, pink eye, nausea or diarrhoea
  • been at any international airport after 5th February for any reason.
  • been on a cruise ship in the last five weeks
  • in an emergency department in the last five weeks (for whatever reason – even as a visitor for a non-associated illness or accident)

(Please email if you desire an exemption to any of these criteria for entry)

We recognise this is an overly cautious approach to the current situation but it is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and protected in their home and so community activities can continue.

We will be looking at moving some activities into our backyard which will allow a more open criteria for attendance, being out in the open space.

Thanks for respecting our limitations at this time.  :-)


Auckland Festival of Photography – Exhibition Fri, 31 May 2019 01:47:08 +0000 This year we are looking forward to hosting two local artists Jon Carapiet and Stu Sontier respectively, here at Hum Salon.   The opening night is Tuesday 4th June at 5.30pm.  We’ll serve up some warm mulled wine to keep you warm, and there will be other goodies to consume while you digest the ‘disruptive’ work.

We’ll open the doors on the Saturday 2nd June to 14 June, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm,  for you to wander through and take a look.

The following extract from the Big Idea;


New ‘disruptive’ work by two photographers who have a history of collaboration of over two decades will be on show in Auckland in June, as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography.

Jon Carapiet and Stu Sontier have worked separately and together since 1995 but in their latest exhibitions at Hum Salon they approach the photographic ‘moment’ from different and challenging angles.

Though they are veterans of the black and white print and darkroom processes, their latest photographs both disrupt and show reverence for photographic history and documentary photography. Both work in colour and both regard the photograph as an uncertain holder of truth, perhaps in sympathy with the age of fake news and ambiguity.

Carapiet scans broadcast television for ‘found moments’ that symbolise the threat of climate instability, while Sontier extends insignificant and repetitive moments to create a subtle level of intensity and questioning.

The notion of the ‘moment’ in photography has a pedigree tracing back to Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ‘Decisive Moment’ which Carapiet references in his show title. This – the significant moment that defines an incident – and the idea that the camera never lies, are brought into question in these two exhibitions running concurrently in the Hum Salon, on Grafton Rd, Auckland.

Carapiet is driven by a concern for global politics but without a hectoring voice. Sontier looks for a more internal dialogue where multiple images in varying forms beguile, and echo around the walls. The moment is fractured and opened for investigation.

Sontier: “Although the work in both shows fits securely in the contemporary art realm (and will likely infuriate some photographic purists), we have a reverence for photography and the work is part of a long dialogue with its history. We’ve both chosen to go outside of some photographic conventions in order to explore our interests in wider form.”

Law firm Russell McVeagh put on the gloves to defend NZ Heritage and Community Fri, 29 Jun 2018 04:10:02 +0000

Top from left:  Courtney Grenfell, Will Irving and Marika Eastwick-Field.  Bottom from Left: Oskari Miettinen and Rosanne Armitage.  In flight:  Leo Miettinen-Armitage AKA ‘buba’


e want to thank the team at Russell McVeagh for coming to the communities aid in the latest round of litigation, helping to secure this iconic heritage property and community centre from development.

Over the last five years litigation has systematically continued against Hum in an attempt to have the community removed and the property developed.  It truly has been a David and Goliath battle as a sustained “burn off” tactic has been in place since 2013.

The latest round was an important round, the owners were refusing to renew the lease and deprive us of the benefit of our long-term contract.  Russell McVeagh picked up the case pro bono for us in early 2017, which proved to be more than a year long battle to secure our position.  It’s Russell McVeagh’s efforts to serve Social Justice that has protected this iconic villa and the communities place in it.

We want to take the time to introduce the team from Russell McVeagh who have spent the last year battling for us;

From Left: Will Irving, Courtney Grenfell and Marika Eastwick-Field (Russell McVeagh)


Marika Eastwick-Field

Marika is a Partner at Russell McVeagh and has been part of the firm for 10 years now.  She was born in Japan but grew up on a lifestyle block in West Auckland (amongst horses, sheep, chickens and cows).  Life is rather busy for Marika who has two young children aged five and three.  Balancing family with work demands does not leave much time for hobbies or extra commitments!

Will Irving

Will is a Senior Associate in Russell McVeagh’s litigation group, in his eighth year with the firm.  Originally from Wellington, Will now tries to spend as little time in Auckland as possible while working a full time job, with recent travel destinations including Vietnam, Japan, Egypt, Morocco and the USA.  Any remaining spare time in Auckland is spent meeting friends for brunch and going to concerts.

Courtney Grenfell

Courtney is in her third year as a Solicitor at Russell McVeagh.  Home for her is the Eastern Bay of Plenty, so she relishes any opportunity she gets to spend outdoors or at the beach.  Courtney is interested in holistic health and practises yoga.  In her spare time you’ll find her cooking and sharing good food with friends and family, as well as taking any chance she can get to practise her French and German.












Our Mulch Experiment: Stop the weeds and Feed the plants Sat, 19 May 2018 01:36:45 +0000 We love to experiment and try new approaches to things!

Our recent experiment was a year long one. Our backyard and garden is large and the soil mineral rich, we manage to grow supersized veges but the weeds are equally energetic. We needed a solution to prevent their growth while enriching the soil.

We managed to find a solution that works, it requires annual placement of organic mulch (from a wood chipper – not bark) over the garden areas, 10cm deep no less.   Central Landscape Solutions in Avondale provided us the organic material for our experiment.  Thanks guys!


We started doing some research with these key objectives in mind;

  1. Keep the weeds at bay
  2. Feed the garden at the same time
  3. An organic (non-chemical) approach
  4. Improve the overall aesthetic

After chatting to a few people, reading some articles and watching this documentary,  ‘Back to Eden‘ (a good watch), we decided we wanted to try out some of Paul Gautschi’s thoughts on our garden.  The main idea is to annually put organic mulch from a wood-chipper onto your garden replicating the effect of the forest floor.  There, weeds don’t grow and the trees are feed nutrients from the decaying debris that falls.

We had also read that the depth of the mulch was crucial.  It would need to be no less than 10cm deep.   We would not be laying down any plastic base or ground cover to keep the weeds at bay, as we wanted the soil to be fed as part of the process, thus depth of mulch was essential.

We contacted Neil and Tony from  Central Landscape Solutions in Avondale who have historically aided the communities efforts.  They turned up with approximately 13.7 cubic metres of mulch without a blink of an eye.

We proceeded to weed and disperse the mulch leaving a shallow ring around trees and plants (to prevent rot).


  • After a week we noted that in some pocket areas weeds began to pop up.  Taking a closer look we found that the mulch was under 10cm deep in these areas.  We went around with a ruler and topped up the mulch to make sure the mulch was deep enough.
  • Once the mulch was applied everywhere we had no problems with weeds for a whole year
  • The mulch must be applied annually, a year has passed now and the weeds have begun to come back through the mulch in full force…I’ll be ringing Tony and Neil this week for more mulch.

Approach Summary

So our recommended approach for preventing weeds and feeding the soil is;

  1. Measure the area you want to cover (minimum 10 cm deep) with mulch
  2. Use organic mulch straight from a wood-chipper  Central Landscape Solutions in Avondale provide some nice moist material.  The cuttings are variable sizes staying true to the composition of a forest floor, allowing different bits to decompose at different rates.
  3. Prep the garden by digging up all weeds from the root where possible
  4. Lay out the mulch, ensuring that in every place there is no less than 10cm of mulch
  5. Create a small ring around base of your existing plants and go a little shallower there so you don’t allow rot to set in killing your plants
  6. Sit back and relax – you won’t need to weed for a year. On top of that you are re-energising your soil so that your plants remain chemical free and get necessary nutrients to pass on to you when you eat them.  Hooray!

Well worth the effort!

HAKUNAMATANZA! – BYO Mon, 22 Jan 2018 23:41:33 +0000 We’re having a little backyard gathering this Saturday 27th – 5pmish – hope you can come! There will be a few acoustic bands, fire, bbq and BYO. We’re helping to raise money for a new school in Tanzania so if you have $5 koha cool – also a little coin for the barbie. (Might crank the Sauna – lets see!) Looking forward to a catch up!  More info below…..


Firstly this is a urban dj, live music, Persian blanket, candle fairylit, BYO alcohol, acoustic, BBQ style vibe. Right on the backyard of the wonderful salon next to Grafton bridge. Best part is, it’s Free! Just bring Koha :)

All we ask for is that if you wanna be a legend and help a cause that’s a way better one than helping yourself to that one extra coffee fix you don’t need. A five dollar in a hat can go a long way.

This night is all for the NGO Tanzania children support to build a school at a Masai tribe in central Tanzania where we are gathering paper and coin to build a new school building filled with learning and music!

—Music acts and jammers to be announced soon kiddies!—

Bring booze, bring smiles and we will supply a great night

Central Landscape Solutions Avondale provide firewood, mulch and other garden goodness Sat, 27 May 2017 03:56:13 +0000 C

entral Landscape Solutions in Avondale have been so awesome for the pola2017-03-28_14-31-00community.   They have also supplied us large quantities of organic fresh mulch,  for us to undertake our recent experiment to simultaneously prevent weeds all year long while feeding the plants.  You can read more about that here.

Thanks so much Neil and Shane!

I highly recommend going to visit their yard…they have everything imaginable there to get your back yard in fit shape!


Good cake, Good company at the Annual Grafton Community Picnic Thu, 27 Apr 2017 06:10:21 +0000 Some real nice people live in our neighbourhood.  Good to come together over some delicious cake and Humonade at the local park.  Hope to see you at the next one!

[See image gallery at]




People for People – 8 min Doco – on Hum Sat, 17 Dec 2016 21:14:38 +0000 If you’ve ever wanted a little more insight into Hum, thanks to Hayley Becht, Mina Silipa and crew, who open a small window for you.  An 8 min doco on Hum, “People for People”.

Tumeke Bike Party Fundraiser – Hum Cafe Sat, 03 Dec 2016 04:09:08 +0000 Tumeke Cycle Space in conjunction with the Hum Cafe, is throwing a bash to celebrate another year gone and kick off this cycling season with a sweet as shindig. We are fundraising to cover our expenses for the next 6 months and need your help to continue teaching awesome knowledge to awesome people (you).

Be prepared for a sausage sizzle, bike blended smoothies, a bike movie (TBA) and of course our very own portable bike workshop.

Oh wait did I forget to mention the super awesome raffle? Thats right, we are giving away a super awesome super secret prize, but you’ve got to be in to win!

We are putting all this on to support our super amazing comunity of bike lovers and other types of people too. All we ask for in return is to kindly consider sharing a small sum of your money with us so we can keep on giving back to you!

5-7pm: Bike fixing, Eating, Mingling, being social types
7pm: Raffle Winner announced
7:13: The Film Begins~!

See you there!