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May 10, 2014

Emmitt Consultants – helping their Community!



igel from Emmitt Consultants jumped on board with the community project in the early stages. We were looking at doing some major fundraising to develop the site and needed to know exactly how to quantify the work needed to be done so we knew what to aim for.

The task of estimating and quantifying certain product required including nails, concrete etc seemed an impossible task.   We had never heard of a Quantity Surveyor before, so when it was suggested that such a person existed, we thanked our lucky stars!

Nigel came recommended as he was skilled in applying cost estimates on an array of jobs including both residential homes and large scale developments.

Our demands on Nigel soon took a dramatic turn.  We urgently needed him to undertake an assessment of the value the community had put into the property.  Nigel’s adaptability, including his unique experience with heritage houses, meant he was familiar with the processes and costs associated with a conservation approach, which is quite different to a standard home repair job and was able to quickly tackle our demands.

Ultimately, Nigel’s vast experience helped secure the villa for the community!

If you have a cost job, big or small, rather than trying to muddle through it yourself, I suggest talking to Nigel or someone from his team.  Even if it’s a DIY job, it’s good to know the budget!

Thank you Emmitt Consultants!