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People before profit

May 10, 2014

Wrap-it shrink wrapped the building for us


n these days of consumer satisfaction and quality workmanship it’s important to know good work from mediocre.  The crew at Wrap-it are one of those companies where word of mouth travels fast.
They have done a fantastic job here at Hum and their website holds many accolades that sum up their  professionalism.

Adrian from Wrap-it saw the potential the project had and him and his team set about wrapping the entire building so we could work on it come hale come shine.  Adrian was a new start-up business and it was no small feat for him to get the resources together to get the building wrapped, but he did.  Adrian made the decision to go ahead at our Backyard Party fundraiser which he attended with his family, the memory of Adrian stating “I’ll Do It!” was the cherry on the cake for the event.

Thanks Adrian, you’re a Hum Hero!