he legendary Hum Salon is situated at the prominent intersection of Grafton bridge and Grafton Road, just a stone’s throw from the city center. Just go to the top of Queen St, turn left, cross the bridge and there you are – the first house on the right-hand side.

Coffee Hut – Hum

Look for the little coffee hut out the front, make your order and find a place to sit down and relax either outside under the tree, on the deck or in the front two rooms of the villa.

The Coffee Hut serves up light refreshments, including yummy vegan pies.  It also acts as an Information Node to the entire restoration project and is run by volunteers. It is open three days a week, Friday to Sunday.

Hum Lounge

The historic villa – sometimes described as a living contemporary piece of art itself – exhibits in the front two rooms of the villa both local and international artists’ work in a unique setting.  Some musical equipment are kept on hand; guitars, amps, keyboard, didgeridoo, djembe and classic piano.

While the upstairs area, kitchen, old reading room and old piano room and backyard are all private residential (we have marked the doors with private), the front two rooms are spaces open for you to use Friday to Sunday, while the coffee Hut is open.  There are comfy sofas inside and on the deck to sink into and spend a relaxed afternoon with a coffee, tea or ice-cold Humonade.

We have a free-wifi for you to use. Please ask the coffee hut for more information.

Food and alcohol

Note that you are welcome to bring your own food until we have made provisions to have food available!

BYO alcohol (wine/a glass of beer) is permitted for civilised use only and we expect you to give us koha (=donation) for corkage. Suggested amount being $5/person. There’s a donation box in the hallway when you step into the villa.


We welcome all visitors during our opening hours. There is always something new to see or experience as things keep changing quite a bit as the house lives on.

You are most welcome to take photographs of the designated public areas which is the front two rooms of the villa, the Pounamu Room and the Lounge.  Please share your photos on our Facebook page, on Twitter or anywhere else you like to support us and help us grow!

Don’t forget to sign into our visitors book and note if you would like to be a part of the project or hear from us via newsletter. For your convenience, you can also sign up online.

See you soon!