Falling Apple Charitable Trust is the Charitable part of a partnership with Hum, a For-Profit entity. The two entities combined form what is commonly known as a Social Enterprise. Hum operates its business in a similar way to a For-Profit to be able to help make Falling Apple self-sustainable. The two entities combined reflect an interest in serving the community rather than money. It puts life and well-being above profit. Marrying the two for success is a tricky business and we are in our infancy but our roots are growing ever deeper.

The current state of business being For-Profit means that decisions are made by business that put the value of life and the earth that sustains this below a phantom proposition called the dollar. As a result of this imbalance earth and her inhabitants have become at risk. The symptoms of this degradation are revealed through social illness which has a domino effect of effecting our environment, that which sustains us. Mental illness, violence, disconnectedness, cancer and so many diseases are a byproduct of having the wrong goal. For true well-being to occur the source of the issues need to be addressed not just the symptoms.

To address the source of the problem there needs to be a new collective goal. This goal should be For-People not For-Profit. To shift the focus action needs to take place from the ground up. People need a platform to reconnect over. For Falling Apple Charitable Trust bringing people together of all walks of life to participate in the restoration of a Heritage site meant that anything that may alienate us would be put aside for a common purpose. As a byproduct of this people could get to know one another outside of any preconceptions. People are creative creatures and creating involves bringing new life, the use of imagination, the freedom to express. The derelict nature of the building is symbolic of our derelict society. Through it’s restoration we bring into the physical realm a representation of change and that it can infact be achieved.

Often we are caught between a rock and a hard place. We know things need to change but we have to pay our mortgage, feed our children and there becomes a limitation to our ability to shift focus. Often we give money to organisations to help people elsewhere who are poverty stricken or there is civil unrest and forget the serious nature of what we face here in our own backyard. New Zealand has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world, if the children are our future what does that say about our future.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in New Zealand. ‘Cancer’ is a generic term used to describe a group of over a hundred diseases that occur when cells reproduce abnormally. What are the multitude of things in our environment that are causing our cells to reproduce abnormally. If we eliminate one what about the others. When business operates for-profit they make decisions that have no accountability for the effects on our well-being as this is not their manifesto.

Falling Apple would like to provide a platform to be a voice for those people who are concerned about what big business is doing to us, our family, friends and community. The organisation would like to lift the veil and provide support to groups who are actively doing so without fear of losing advertising dollar, key alliances or election possibilities. It would like to be a voice for the people without fear of job loss or criticism. It as an entity would like to be at the foreground of making a clear deliberate stand against that which is killing us. It is doing so with a clear and deliberate plan. It will do so simply by allowing the truth to reveal itself and acting on its principles not just talking about them.