The External Restoration Initiative had the following objectives at heart:

To bring both professional and community volunteers together to give the heritage villa at 123 Grafton Road a new chance at life. To allow the restorative effect of the building on the main intersection on the corner of Grafton Bridge and Grafton Road be a living symbol of the realization of what can be achieved when people come together over a common cause and stick with it, even when times are tough. To take responsibility of the villa out of the hands of the landlord who was struggling to prevent its further decay, having no ability to secure its preservation. To secure a 20 year lease on the property with first right to renew and first right to purchase for the community. The community has successfully taken the villa out of its decrepit state and her former glory restored with attention to conservation and preservation. Having her in use and loved by the community is a joy for all involved.

The metamorphic journey of the projects innate change and development has served up a property not only restored to its former beauty but while we now wait for the landlord to rectify the re-piling and re-leveling it continues serving its community by supplying workshop space, a facilitated community gathering point, a chance for people from all works of life to interact, fellowship and love.

We provide a summary of the in-depth effort the community has gone to, in preserving this house for its life, it has not been one that is slap-stick neither careless. We have treated this villa as a home for the community recognizing the great history and stories the villa walls hold. Some things, once gone, can never be replaced. Please peruse the ‘Restoration Break Down’ links to the right of this page for further detail of the initiative undergone.

The community involved with this restoration wants to make a point of celebrating quality over quantity, cherishing the old, it is making a definitive point to move away from the thinking of our current consumerist society and appreciating things that are made to last. The older generation working with the younger with respect to the qualities each holds in relationship with one another, neither is disposable, no life is disposable.

The things that are made to last take time and quality resource, and there in is the treasure. This has been our approach to both the villa and one another during the projects birthing and growth. Through the greatest highs and the deepest lows we have continued to love.


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