Due to the bad piles and areas of the house where old piles still remain, also piles not being connected to the house has meant the house suffers from movement, specifically the lower verandah suffers severe movement through lack of joining of structural beams and attachment to top deck.

  • T&G ripples up on lower deck and nails are ripped out of place, this work has had to be remedied on three different occasions over and above our original T&G replacement on the lower deck.
  • The front Bay Window South East Corner specifically suffered movement altering the 5ml gradient allowed in the new custom made spouting put in. The new custom spouting had to be removed again and replaced with off the shelf above the bay window and half way down the South wall to ensure a 5ml gradient was allowed for water drainage. Of the shelf was used in this portion due to time restraints with a date set for the wrap to come down, media released organized and De-wrap event date set in place. We could not wait for new custom to arrive.
  • We have noted certain pulling away of our work due to movement of the house, similar to that seen in earthquakes, which is a direct result of house movement and the bad repiling job.
  • The Subfloor weatherboard on the East and North side have had to be attached, dismantled and re-attached twice.

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