The condition of the property was very poor beyond superficial damage.

  • Severe rot in large areas, much hidden by numerous years of painting over top of old
  • Structural deficiencies on both deck and East North corner of house including severe rot
  • Misalignment of all deck beams and their support including above East South Bay Window and all associated wood
  • House had suffered alignment damage due to piles, put in by landlord prior to us taking the lease, along front and side of deck and below bay window allowing a domino effect on all areas of the house alignment including; joins pulled apart, ripping of decorative features, wave format of building instead of straight gradient, parts of house higher than others. These changes are a direct result from random piles being put under the house at separate stages where single jacking has occurred rather than a unified lift. Fabric already weakened and rotten was instantly compromised.
  • Areas of the house completely out of position, decorative features cracked, wood cracked and out of line, No repiling and releveling was completed as per the Code of Compliance (PDF, 18.3 kb).
  • The property not only suffered the defects from the bad piles but also an attempt to cover defects like T&G over the top of old, meant additional issues for us on taking the property
  • The house has a Code of Compliance for a full repile and relevel but this has not been done, we are contesting the wrongful issuing of the Code of Compliance, which was presented to us when signing the lease. Rather the job completed is one readying the house for demolition with areas of the house not touched. The house has not been lifted, the structural beams beneath have not been replaced, rotten ones still exist. Piles put in serve the purpose of holding the house up and are not attached to the main house at all.
  • Internal walls were damaged from the site being left derelict for sometime, graffiti, and broken areas from break-ins including boarded over broken windows and other associated damage
  • The roof was in a very poor condition. There was severe rust in the main valley tray, corrugated iron, around flashing, spouting including ridges. The South side of the roof was in better condition but still required reconditioning. Despite our preference to use reconditioned products to recycle where possible, we required a large quantity of new custom made roofing from Metalcraft.

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