• The T&G on the lower deck is not primed or painted as we have to continually replace and remedy sections of this as we do not want to touch any piles or connections beneath the house thus effecting evidence.
  • The bevel back weatherboard around the North side has been lightly nailed in place ready for detachment again to deal with piling remedy. Only one coat of colour on this section (Priming of wood and replacement wood already taken place prior to putting up). The colour is there so the house looks aesthetically ok for passing traffic and guests.
  • The internal staircase work done-to-date, completed by the landlord, show off the shelf and mismatched balustrades. We have not remedied the staircase installation as we have been told to cease all work that may be impacted by the house uplift, repile and relevel, which should have been done.
  • The attachment on the West side has not been touched externally and back kitchen area as we have permission to demolish for building of back deck. Wiring has been done to these areas to allow for lights to work in all areas but old wiring has not been demolished out though is out of reach and pulled up for health and safety purposes. Windows have been replaced in these areas, despite future demolition, for aesthetic purposes.

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