All areas signed off by council including Methodology, House and Roof colour and Balustrade re-installation. The Heritage team was consulted at all times which included site visits.

All demolition work involved cautious removal to save wood for reconditioning, recycling and re-use. All unused material was stored incase it was required for splicing or other hand crafting remedial or decorative work.

Mary Louise Ormsby was also commissioned to do a research report (Mary Louise Ormsby – Heritage Research Report, 7.0 Mb) pertaining to the house and the adaptability of the back area (West) through out its history to ensure our choice of placing a deck and disabled lift there in the future speaks to an approach that is consistent with past practice and is sensitive to the Heritage nature of the site. Mary is an accomplished and well known professional researcher and writer for the Council and other official bodies such as the War Museum.

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