alling Apple Charitable Trust and Hum are joined at the hip by forming a Social Enterprise. We work together to promote Culture, Art, Music, Education, Health, Sustainability and Well-being in the community.

We ascribe to the idea that a healthy community needs a healthy active centre that facilitates and promotes these areas as a whole. The need for a positive and lively place that a diverse community can feel a part of, engage with and contribute to is essential in addressing current social ills.

By bringing people together and facilitating interaction, promoting the arts in all areas and education in a relaxed space we believe it can contribute to a healthy social environment.  A platform for these activities to occur cohesively alongside each other is provided for via the heritage property taken up at 123 Grafton Road. This site is a two-storied villa of substantial size with a large front and back out door area.

The first stage of the project’s initiatives, was to restore the external of the beautiful heritage villa, bringing it out of its decrepit state ready for use.

The external restoration initiative was a key phase on our metamorphic journey.  This restoration included over 250 volunteers, both local and from abroad, New Zealand Business playing an essential role in providing specialised product for this close to $659,000 investment in the villa’s external.

The heritage villa being on a prominent site in Auckland, in serious disrepair riddled with rot, decks collapsing and roof leaking it required a complete face-lift.  The resurrection of the heritage villa was a living symbol of sorts of the change that can occur when we activate community.  The villa once close to demolition, now both brought to life and used by its community is a major stepping stone, providing a solid foundation for the organisation to move forward on its objectives.

It is the beginning of an exciting journey. If you wish to contribute or be part of it, see how you can help, subscribe to our newsletter, visit Hum Salon or contact us directly!