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People before profit

May 10, 2014

Northpine supplied us beams for top deck to heritage spec


t was an emergency, we got Bruce on the phone from Northpine and without a blink he provided us what we needed.  We had lifted the old top deck T&G up and found extensive rot beneath.  They don’t cut wood measurements today like they used to so we had to call in the experts.  Thanks Northpine you’re a Hum Hero!

It makes sense to choose Northpine! Here’s why:
Northland pine plantations produce the strongest and stiffest pine grown in New Zealand. We choose only the best of this sustainable resource to produce our high quality timber products. These trees, grown in sustainable forests.
We are proud to be independently owned and operated. This allows us to establish our own business relationships and trade with like-minded customers.
Independence and top class production planning allow us to be more flexible and efficient in the way we respond to the needs of our customers, our staff and our community. This is a core Northpine strength as a company.