Hundreds of people from all around the world have supported this venture whether it be through volunteering in the coffee shop, gifting firewood, cleaning, mowing the lawns, building, giving advice, fixing broken things, donating tools, furniture or gadgets, pulling old wallpaper off the walls, cleaning contaminated soil, composting, getting rid of junk, organising rooms, doing the laundry, washing up and cleaning the kitchen, playing music, sharing poetry, cooking meals, building fires, getting the word out.

Big thank you all for your time and invaluable support that has made all this possible.

On this page we would like to introduce some of our current regular volunteers.


Teresa started by volunteering in our Fundraising event late 2014 and later on picked up a shift in the coffee hut that she manages to do on top of her English studies and other commitments.



Chelsea has been volunteering in the coffee hut since 2014.



Rosy (feat. Blackie)

Rosy is the lady behind the project which started 2011. She is the director of Hum and head chair of Falling Apple Charitable Trust. Blackie is one of the house cats and has lived here the longest – since 2011.



Oskari was introduced to the project in 2012 and is currently the Project Co-ordinator for Hum and Falling Apple.


Michael has been volunteering in the coffee hut semi-regularly since 2012, helped with organising events and put some of his building/renovating skills to good use in the villa.