Here’s a collection of pictures. We have much more to come, which we will add as we develop the site!  You can find more pictures on our Facebook page.

SAVE // HUM by Brooke Waterson

Brooke Waterson came to Hum on the 18th of November 2014 and took some beautiful photos with her mates. Enjoy this bohemian fancy photo shoot.


A few bits and bobs.

Hum in Review

Year 2013 with wrap-up party, house maintenance, landscaping, lots of volunteering and Hum life \"behind the scenes\".

Grafton Heritage

Collection of historical images of the Grafton area including the house at 123 Grafton Road and the Grafton Bridge.

House Music September 2014

The second House Music event with Jesse Sheehan, Mzwètwo & Kaitlin Riegel

House Music August 2014

First House Music event on the 31st August.

Auckland Home Birth Group Meets at Hum August 2014

Auckland Homebirth Support Group meets at Hum. Children are always welcome!

Auckland Drawfest March

The first Drawfest at Hum - loads of fun! - once a month - you could come!

Auckland Festival of Photography Opening 2014

The opening of the 10th annual Auckland Festival of Photography. Hum exhibition featuring works of Rob Gilhooley, Stacey Simpkin, Sonja Gardien, and Hum collective.

Condition of Property on Arrival

Pictures of the state of the property upon receiving it.

Our Approach

This gallery showcases our approach to renovation work that has been done.

Worked Areas

Pictures of the house being Worked externally