• Over the last four years Hum and community volunteers have successfully brought the 140-year-old Heritage Villa at 123 Grafton Rd back to life with the help of NZ businesses sponsoring product. To-date Hum’s investment has been estimated $659,000.00.
  • Today, the villa is used by the community and different interest groups as a space to meet, create and engage with others. A cafe is run by volunteers five days a week. Hum promotes culture, arts, music, education, community, health and sustainability.
  • 22-year commercial lease with a three-year rent-free period was negotiated and signed in 2011 (with first right to purchase and renew), Hum agreeing to do fit out, assuming the repiling and releveling had been done and was given a Council’s Code of Compliance certificate stating this.
  • Half a year into the works it turns out the aforementioned work is substandard, described by professionals as a “job readying for demolition”. Landlord is uncooperative and seeks to cancel the lease in High Court since 2012.
  • Substandard foundation work and frustration caused by the litigation hold back any further major restoration work and investment into the house and restrain Hum from using the house to its fullest, envisioned potential as a cafe, restaurant, community center, bar and performance venue and thus restricting it in becoming financially self-sustainable.
  • In October 2014 Justice Whata decides that Hum has to make the rent a non-issue and pay the outstanding rent of ~$80,000 until 5pm, 24 th October 2014, in order to continue with the proceedings. Otherwise the lease would be canceled immediately and community’s investment into the house would be lost.
  • Despite the fact that if Hum loses the house it can still claim in the courts for damages and lost investment, the community wants to keep the house, safe guard it, not to lose the house and gain money from a claim.
  • Hum and Falling Apple is a charitable organisation and is based on the giving spirit of people. It brings together both individuals, community interest groups and ethical businesses alike. Supporting this venture is a contribution towards NZ heritage, history, local and global community and a charitable cause.

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