Hum and Falling Apple Charitable Trust
People before profit

June 29, 2018

Law firm Russell McVeagh put on the gloves to defend NZ Heritage and Community

Top from left:  Courtney Grenfell, Will Irving and Marika Eastwick-Field.  Bottom from Left: Oskari Miettinen and Rosanne Armitage.  In flight:  Leo Miettinen-Armitage AKA ‘buba’


e want to thank the team at Russell McVeagh for coming to the communities aid in the latest round of litigation, helping to secure this iconic heritage property and community centre from development.

Over the last five years litigation has systematically continued against Hum in an attempt to have the community removed and the property developed.  It truly has been a David and Goliath battle as a sustained “burn off” tactic has been in place since 2013.

The latest round was an important round, the owners were refusing to renew the lease and deprive us of the benefit of our long-term contract.  Russell McVeagh picked up the case pro bono for us in early 2017, which proved to be more than a year long battle to secure our position.  It’s Russell McVeagh’s efforts to serve Social Justice that has protected this iconic villa and the communities place in it.

We want to take the time to introduce the team from Russell McVeagh who have spent the last year battling for us;

From Left: Will Irving, Courtney Grenfell and Marika Eastwick-Field (Russell McVeagh)


Marika Eastwick-Field

Marika is a Partner at Russell McVeagh and has been part of the firm for 10 years now.  She was born in Japan but grew up on a lifestyle block in West Auckland (amongst horses, sheep, chickens and cows).  Life is rather busy for Marika who has two young children aged five and three.  Balancing family with work demands does not leave much time for hobbies or extra commitments!

Will Irving

Will is a Senior Associate in Russell McVeagh’s litigation group, in his eighth year with the firm.  Originally from Wellington, Will now tries to spend as little time in Auckland as possible while working a full time job, with recent travel destinations including Vietnam, Japan, Egypt, Morocco and the USA.  Any remaining spare time in Auckland is spent meeting friends for brunch and going to concerts.

Courtney Grenfell

Courtney is in her third year as a Solicitor at Russell McVeagh.  Home for her is the Eastern Bay of Plenty, so she relishes any opportunity she gets to spend outdoors or at the beach.  Courtney is interested in holistic health and practises yoga.  In her spare time you’ll find her cooking and sharing good food with friends and family, as well as taking any chance she can get to practise her French and German.