I’ve always been interested in drawing as a kid. Later in my rebellious years I was taken by the graffiti art culture and became immersed in it. Through meeting and painting with other artists I gained more knowledge and understanding. I found inspiration from popular culture of the 1950-60’s. I apply this inspiration to my style, which is appropriation of imagery from the pop art era combined with todays. Using the spray paint medium. This makes sense to me. Communicating with my contemporaries through an appreciation of the timelessness of popular culture. In doing this I bring attention to the fact that art exists on both sides of the wall.
Without boxing myself into a particular style I’m also drawn to many different facets of art and art making that interest me.

Graffiti/street art in galleries is a confliction of its purpose / roll it plays in society as well as it legitimizing it as an art form. Bringing more attention to the graffiti/street/art culture as whole thus strengthening its purpose as art. We need art and expression in our lives. Who’s to control its existence?