Steve Hikaiti on Hum’s top deck at the Villa’s unveiling event

The ever illusive Steve Hikaiti is an exceptional pointillism artist established in the Fine Arts Scene.  His originals are in hot demand given they are very rarely produced.  We will be  auctioning an original created here at the Grand Old Villa under the shade of our Arizona Cypress when Steve visited in 2012.

Steve was actively involved with the project here and was in charge of our backyard hungi for the villa’s unveiling event.   Steve is of Ngati Po descent and his fluid ability to translate vision to paper with a diligence that is striking speaks to his intensity and passion sparked by his roots and sense of self.  Steve’s natural gift is inspiring and watching him work is an absolute pleasure.

Steve Hikaiti drawing at Hum Salon

Steve Hikaiti working on a private commission at Hum Salon

This ‘untitled’ piece is unique and perfect for a private collector or as an investment piece for the sale of prints.  We have nicknamed the piece ‘New Beginnings’ as Steve desired this for his life and has taken the next step in his journey having now a steadfast apprentice by his side.  His works have been sold for upwards of $20,000 in the past and his

prints today actively are sold for up to $500.  This is a very special piece for the project and we hope that it fetches its worth on the night, with all contributions going to secure the Heritage Villa.


Untitled by Steve Hikaiti

Untitled by Steve Hikaiti nicknamed “New Beginnings” by Hum – TO BE LIVE AUCTIONED ON THE NIGHT










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